Monday, 15 August 2011

'What's my scene'...sung to the Hooroo Guru's song, of course!

'...and another thing I have been wondering I crazy to believe in ideals?' 
Yah, well, that's how it feels for me at the moment. I came here years ago from a great brick veneer house, all decorated in my style and also the era (late 80's early 90's.....gak... I shudder now!) and I was happy with that. This place; Fibro cement late 1950's cottage. I had ideas to make it a kind of a get-away cottage style. Make you feel like you had left the hardships of life and run away to a little almost English style cottage. Then came the illness, and the drought. Pffft! My enthusiasm waned. The garden, lovingly planted out by the original owner all roses and geraniums and herbs, all died in our longest drought on record. Time for a rethink. 
  I found that my soul craved being close to nature. I always hated paying big money for fresh vegetables. I figured this garden could cope, being on a hill and quite large (15 metres wide by 50 metres approximately, and that's just the front yard!) I decided to rip out the front garden which was basically heavy clay and no drainage, and put large retaining walls in. Then all back filled with agricultural piping, layered with large scoria and covered in geotex. Then the walls were stapled with black plastic to avoid any possible contaminent from the treated pine sleepers. We have been told by the CSIRO that there is little risk, but I am a perfectionist and don't need the extra stress of a 'maybe'! Then we filled the lot with 'Drought Master' soil. A mix of composted material with organic matter and soil wetter. Excellent stuff!
 Ok so that is all good. But my main thing is; Now what is my scene? My style inside the house? I am finding too many ideas are going round in my head and looking on the internet and through magazines is making my brain turn into slush! I love Art Deco, but this house is 1950's. I love French provincial but that style is abit pretentious for what this cottage is. I really want a Modern Country style but where to begin without looking too plastic yet too rustic? The lack of room and the stupid layouts of the rooms doesn't help with a good solid design. Maybe I should just move elsewhere...... sigh..........
Ok a few photos of the front garden for you to view!
 This is the front garden when I got here in 2004. Nice,the clay was causing issues and the rain would just fill the front grassed area like a bog.

 This is the garden redone. Long way to go till finished. This area  will have large pavers leading to a brick paved courtyard with a water feature.
 Fruits of my labours. This harvested over 80kgs of different varieties of tomatoes. I had Butternut pumpkins, basil, and spaghetti squash. Early 2011.

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