Saturday, 12 November 2011

Love and other bruises.

 Hi Happy Renovators!
I have not posted for a few weeks now. There is a good reason. I got injured and couldn't do much for a week or so. Then I got the great news that what I thought was a badly sprained wrist is actually Oesteoarthritis and severe Tendonitis. Great, just great! So a whole week of resting the hand and the bruised leg and no work made me cranky!
  Leg got bruised when I was helping David to carry up the driveway some 150mm 8 metre length storm water pipe to lay in the trench he has started. With all the heavy rains lately the drive is a mess. He, unfortunately, dropped his end causing it to bounce and jar my grip and hurt my sore wrist even more and all in the space of a nano-second my leg which was in mid back stride got dumped with a 40 kg weight with a sharp rounded edge. I said a few choice words and the pain was intense. I thought I had cut it open and dreaded to look to see if I had a flap of muscle and skin torn away. Luckily for me, it was a cool day, so I had worn thick socks and thick track suit pants. I think those saved me from further damage. 
 Pretty horrible, hey! At least nothing is broken.

Day 6 bruising.   
I also had some fun with my new wrist brace. I really find it difficult to wear and can barely do anything while I am wearing it. Has really slowed me down doing much.  I did however manage to assemble my new toy! The new wooden work bench. 

My newest fashion accessory.    
 I think the highlight of the past 2 weeks has been discovering all the old landfill used from the 1930's right through to the late 1970's. With all the rains the top soil has washed away exposing lots of broken crockery and bottles just waiting to slash a tyre up the driveway! Some interesting pieces in the booty I got the other day. Old Marmite milk-glass jar in the top left. This is from the 1930's Pity it wasn't intact, could have sold it for a fortune then got the damn driveway fixed! 

 Oh well, time to get back to work, sore wrist or not!

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  1. aargh!! that looks so painful!

    thanks for your comment on my blog - the cycle was amazing!! thinking of doing one in Cuba in 2013! will post the details :)


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