Tuesday, 7 February 2012

GETTING ON......Slowly......

Well, been a while since I last put something noteworthy on this blog. Unfortunately my thyroid issues have flared up again and I crashed..big time....Sleeping most of the days away is not a fun thing when you are a type A personality like me! I have Hashimoto's (an autoimmune disease) and my thyroid medication which works fine for fifty mazillion other people doesn't work for me. So, there I was going ok for a few months, then Ker-PLUNK! Just ran out of gas and konked out in the middle of the freeway of life....No fun at all!

 SO anyhooooooos......my friend David decided to try to finish the sideway storage area and deck so we can move the tools and machinery and equipment out of my under the house work area. This, you have to understand would give me enourmous pleasure at being able to walk from Rolladoor to craft/work room without losing a limb or any  important organs.  Been a big contentious issue. Me screeching, MOVE THE FREAKING STUFF! With David humbly saying, I can't, there's no where to put it! So, to give him his (ahem) meagre credit, he tried to work and bash and drill and saw and grind and weld in between my snores. He'd come in at lunchtime and say, 'You ready for a snooze?' I'd say, 'I'm fading and will pass out in around 10 minutes.' You have never seen anyone work so fast to achieve so much in 10 minutes. You see, my bedhead is directly where he is working. Well, he's outside and I am inside but you get the point. 

Hopefully my new upped dose from 125mcgs to 150mcgs will kick in soon. It takes roughly 6 weeks for thyroxine (that's the thyroid hormone) to do its thing. In my case and knowing my luck it won't be enough and I will be in Slumberville a tad longer than I want to be.  
        Unfortunately none of the timber or steel or roofing steel is recycled/or reused. We did get offered tons of free building materials but sadly it was not treated timber. In a high termite infested area you MUST have treated timber. The previous owner did a shoddy job on structural timbers and we ended up with a McDonald's drivethrough for termites in the lower part of the house! We couldn't find any roofing material that had not rusted or full of holes or was not expensive. So all new it was, just for this project!                  Here are some pics of the latest installment of the Reno on a shoestring!

Oscar in his run keeping an eye on David, making sure he does the  job right. 
The over engineered welded steels to support both the lower and upper structures. David learned to weld so that saved us heaps of money!   
Partially covered roof! Woohoo! There will be a gutter attached soon. The open window is where my bed is.

Opposite end view. You get a better perspective of the storage area.The dodgy louvred window area is my craft/work room. The acrow prop is holding up the back end of the house! Eventually there will be a large window and a little decking out the front of that area.
Wherever you are, I hope your day is full of love and happiness and a few good belly laughs!


  1. I hope your thyroid meds are working. I know how that can be. I take armour thyroid meds for my hypothryodism.

    1. Thanks Willow! I wish I could get Armour here in the Land of Oz but so difficult to obtain. Doctors don't 'believe in it' Grrrr. Hope you are doing well!


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