Tuesday, 6 March 2012


My kitchen is a nightmare. Yes, it is. Most people say that about their kitchens on blogs I look at. But MINE really is a nightmare! I have a laundry in mine. I have no storage in mine. Mine faces West so you only get scorching hot sun in Summer and bugger all sun in Winter. The other window faces South so not much good light there to help chop up your vegies either. You think I am kidding? Take a look at the picture and tell me you aren't reaching for the Scotch and Valium as we speak!
The disaster of a kitchen!  
   I am NOT an untidy person but this always makes me feel I ought to lock the front door and keep everyone away for fear they think I should be one of those shows,  My House is a Pig Sty, or Save my Soul, redo my house! The main problem is lack of storage and work area. I recently moved all the saucepans closer to the stove as I was getting tired of climbing a ladder to reach for them. It just makes that bench look like a jumble sale! Clothes dryer, dishwasher and washing machine take up valuable floor space. There is a laundry trough right next to the ridiculously small floor oven so you have no where to put your hot pans if you need to mash up some spuddies.
  The colours? You don't like them? The lilac is called Moon Flower and was EVERYWHERE in this house. More like 'Puke, at Grandma's house' colour. We tried the yellow when it was in fashion, then I hated it. Last neutral colour is really the colour I would prefer but the manufacturer no longer makes that colour and of course, SOMEBODY who shall remain nameless...(DAVID!) lost the card which had the name of it! 
 I HATE HATE HATE working in here. Especially since if you were to turn around in the kitchen my 'office' space is right there. We are forever playing the Tetris game of shoving stuff from one flat surface to another to only have it all fall down. My pantry is only 23cms deep with all the shelves being 29cms tall from each other. (I'm not doing the Imperial measurements, about time you Americans caught up with Metric!) Sounds good but seriously how can you put a box of cereal in there let alone large jars or cans? Pfffffft!!!!!
 The thing I hate most is the kitty litter box! No where else in this house to put it and to me it is totally unhygenic.
 I really would love a Magic Fairy to come in and go POOOOOF! with the wand and give me something like this....

via Pinterest
     Or maybe even this..........
via Biedermeir Berlin
Or perchance this little lovely.......
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Aaaaaaaah.....One day......one day...........

 What's YOUR kitchen looking like today? Sleek and tidy? Like a bomb went off? Or just plain functional?

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